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Pumpkin Maple Waffles Jar Candle

Pumpkin Maple Waffles Jar Candle

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Start your day with this delightful schent.  Imagine a cool autumn morning, where the aroma of a mouthwatering stack of pumpkin pecan waffles topped with butter and maple syrup wafts from the kitchen.

Candles are hand-poured in small batches with 100% natural soy wax.  Each candle is made with the maximum amount of fragrance  oil possible for soy candles giving you the most fragrant candle.  Candles are made of high-quality fragrance oils with no added dyes and wicks that are 100% cotton.

The soy is high quality - a natural and renewable energy source made by American Farmers. It burns longer and cleaner than alternative waxes, leaving significantly less soot if any at all.


Details: Product dimension 3" x 5" *Burn time 80-100 hrs *Weight 1.3lb *Made in the USA

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