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How it began

It started when I was a little girl with a contant vision to create something.  When I bought my first home I began painting furniture and decorating everyroom.  I had a knack for it and was told by many friends and family that I should do this for a living.  Over the years it was my dream, but only a hobby.  In September 2021, I turned my hobby  into a business with custom painted furniture and custom signs.  I always wanted to help people decorate, stage or just simply give my input.  I wanted to help people decorate on a budget and to help them feel comfortable in their homes.  Everyone knows that styles and trends go in and out all the time, but it is important to me to help my clients decorate how they want. 

So in 2022, I turned my dream into reality and Lyndale Interior Designs opened for all your decorating needs.   As your Interior Decorator, my primary focus is to help simplify the decisions in decorating your home. 

Bedroom 4
laundry room pic
Bathroom 2
Kitchen 2
kitchen 1
Faux Mantle
Bedroom Makeover
fireplace mantle
Bedroom 1
Board and Batton
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
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